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The Ohio Poetry Association presents Poetry Spotlight!

This is a conversational interview podcast I started with the Ohio Poetry Association. Each episode covers a different writer from around the state, and the conversations are delightful. This might be one of my favorite projects of all time. New episodes available every second Thursday!

The Ohio Poetry Association does excellent work bringing opportunities to writers from all over the state. Consider making a tax-deductible donation!

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Welcome to Moot, the podcast where mistakes are guaranteed and our point is moot.

Moot is a joint effort between myself and a Norwegian viking sweetheart named Joachim Walle. We are semi-educated idiots investigating cultural topics, science, and entertainment. So far, we've discussed the film "Hereditary," the world's oldest poem, the truth behind the Stanford Prison experiment, and the colonization of Mars. We are currently recording for our third schedule, and will begin publishing new episodes later in 2022.

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